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Sunday, February 7, 2010

School History

In 1946, the far sightedness and Tamil loving committee members of the Sri Subramaniar Temple had set the ball rolling in creating a Tamil School. A stage in front of the temple meant for temple stage shows was transformed into a school. It was named as Keroh Indian School.

Mr. Ponniah was appointed as the first headmaster of the school by the Committee. A Board of Governors was formed. Mr. Amar Singh (Father of YB K.S. Nijhar) was appointed as the President. The enrolment increased steadily to 45 pupils. The government allocated RM 8,000 for a new building and it was officially opened on 22.02.1964 by YAB Dato Ahmad Bin Said then the Chief Minister of Perak. A new double storey building was built with the help of the School Parent Teachers Association and the grant given by the Member of Parliament for Gerik YAB Dato’ Paduka Seri Di Raja Tajol Rosli Ghazali, the former Chief Minister of Perak and the grant from the Federal Government.

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