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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Character Traits Of Superior Teachers

Character Traits Of Superior Teachers

If you want to be a great teacher, these are the things you should begin to develop first.
Top  Character Traits of Great Teachers

  1. Inspired me and never let me settle for anything less than my best .
   2. Compassionate, caring, made me feel important and welcomed, made a personal connection   with me .
   3. Were demanding, pushed me hard.
   4. Had a great sense of humour.
   5. Knowledge of the subject  matter .
   6. Wasn’t afraid of what other people thought
   7. Passion for the subject matter
   8. Challenged me to think beyond just the answer in the textbook
   9. Listened to my ideas
   10. Taught me new things
   11. A terrific fund raiser
   12. Kept things interesting
   13. They were interactive
   14. Added personal elements to the classroom
  15. Organized
  16. Wasn’t fake or shallow with comments to students
  17. Discipline
  18. Confidence
  19. They were problem solvers, rather than simply problem identifiers

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