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Friday, November 19, 2010

School Landscape

School landscaping has traditionally produced fairly straightforward plans of open lawns with play yards or athletic fields scattered about. A few sturdy evergreen shrubs to hug the building and deciduous trees for shade might provide interest. Today's plans for schools treat the schoolyard as an extension of learning spaces in the school. My school is considered one of few school which associate with garden landscape.

  • Create an engaging exterior space to frame your school with a few key landscaping tips. Just as you display your students' accomplishments in the corridors inside the building, exhibit your school spirit on the outside for the community to see. Elements of your school landscape complement the architectural structure and make the favorable first impression on visitors to the building. Plan your design with school safety your first priority. Choose shrubs and perennials suited to your local climate.

  • Shrubs

  • Hardy and low maintenance, shrubs and flowering bushes make a suitable foundation planting for your school's landscape design. Highlight your entrance with shrubs rather than planting a long border of them. The maintenance staff is more likely to water and prune a smaller, high-impact shrub area, thus avoiding unsightly overgrowth and the necessity of removing neglected bushes that have died. Plant ivy or low shrubs in areas that are troublesome to mow.

  • Shade

  • tree image by M3Dia Solution from
    Provide shade for a comfortable learning and play space.
    Plant a few trees in the open, grassy area of the playground to offer a sheltered place during hot months for imaginative play and even outdoor lessons. Form a leafy retreat in the urbanized world to enrich students experience of nature by planting trees throughout the grounds. Select trees suitable to your area's soil type and sun exposure to provide shaded parking. Avoid hickory trees for the schoolyard because the large woody nuts they produce can cause injury and property damage.

  • Flowers

  • red and yellow tulips image by Jorge Moro from
    Flowers add color to your school.
    Add a welcoming splash of color to your school grounds with flowers. Incorporate your school colors in the selection of flowers to show support for your team. Select yellow daisies if gold is one of your team colors, or fragrant hyacinth for purple or blue. Tulips and chrysanthemums are durable and come in a variety of bold colors to suit almost any school sports affiliation. Plant flowers in lightweight recycled plastic containers for versatility and highlight your entrances with their placement. Container gardening limits the workload of weeding your flower garden for the maintenance staff.

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