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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Unity Is Our Strength To Prosper


There was an old farmer. He had four sons. They all were grown up. But they had no good relationship with one another. They were disobedient and always quarrelled among themselves. The old man was very unhappy with them. As he was becoming weak day by day he was very anxious about their future. At last he made a plan to teach his sons how to live in unity.
One day he called his sons together and said, “I have called you to give my last advice. I will not live ling. But I feel very unhappy to see you quarrel among yourselves.” He told his eldest son to bring some sticks. The son brought some sticks. The old man asked him to bind the sticks together. He bound them into a bundle. And they tried one by one. They tried their best. But none of them was successful.
The old man asked the sons to untie the bundle. When they did it, he asked them to break the sticks separately. They broke the sticks one by one very easily. The old man raised his head and said, “My son! Take a lesion from it. You could not break the bundle of sticks when they are bound together. But it was not hard for you to break them separately. If you remain unity like the sticks and do not quarrel, nobody will be able to do you any harm. On the other hand, if you quarrel among yourselves, you will lose strength and your enemies will easily do you harm? So live in peace.” The sons promised to follow their father’s advice.
In a word, unity means oneness, or togetherness. When there is oneness there is likely to be more strength in opinion, more strength in action, and more strength in character. This is a very simple and obvious fact that, if one person tries his hands on some job, he will manage much less than what a group effort will achieve. This, in all simplicity what unity is all about.
Let us peep into different spheres of our existence and we can adjudge the truth of this statement. Let us first discuss the smallest unit of our society the family. If all members of a family go on divergent roads, the very semblance of a family disappears. A family indicates oneness, they live together, they work together they enjoy together they share their woes together, and this is the basic strength of the unit, each member pumping in vigour and confidence in all others, all this on the simple vases of being one. When we lose this oneness, as of today we break the family, i.e. the very edifice of our construction.
From this smallest unit, we go to the bigger horizon of society. Where is our society today? It is broken into fragments, and each segment i.e. an individual family just looking after itself, as if we sternly believe in the adage, "everyone for himself, and God for all. "This has become the motto of the society at large. This has lead to the loosening of the ties of the society and this is the cause of the growth of so many social evils. When there is no strong bond in different segments of a society, it is bound to break into factions, and thus lose its strength, both moral and social.
From the society, let us move on to the position of the country. This is the saddest side of our appearance, a complete lack of unity in the country, thereby the creeping in of evils in the very fabric of the system. The country is, to day seen crumbling under its weight of separations, each society is desirous of a new younger cousin, so instead of getting together, we are continuously moving on the path of disintegration and thus weakening our system. Let us consider and understand that, unity is the password which heals all bruises big and small. It is this that helps us enjoy few happy moments of life. In the good moments of a marriage, in the sad moments of sickness and death, it is the unity of the well wishers that makes the pleasure great and despair less. This is the unique power of unity. A lone individual or community can achieve nothing and neither can they enjoy the fruits of any achievement. The secret power of unity is strength, which is built up by mutual trust and faith and love for each other, and the oneness of a single well formulated goal.
To achieve or even to destroy, we need unity. Thus in order to make any significant achievement, the most necessary ingredient is unity. Your targets may be good or bad, but success is assured if you have a united consolidated group to work up to the goal. Malaysia is a multi-racial country. We live in relative racial harmony. Unity among the various races is vital for the progress of the nation as the saying goes; “United we Stand, Divided we Fall”.

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