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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Is Our Brain Made Of (1)

It is quite amazing what our brain is capable of, and how it actually works; without the “electrical wiring” we would not be able to do a simple tasks such as eating.

The brain is made of billion and billion of neurons, when many neurons are put together; it is called a nerve, which is our “electrical” wiring, that send messages to every cell of our body. These nerves send signals through the body, called nerve impulses, which stems from the brain down into your spinal cord.  The electric impulses carry messages to where ever it is needed, the eyes, ears, and your stomach; helping you to see, hear and recognize that you are hungry.
 There are nerves that are as thin as an individual hair, or others that are as large a ½ inch thick rope, many of our thin nerves get damaged daily, and we seem to recover; the thicker nervous  when damaged can be come permanent nerve damage.          

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 Dendrites carries signals to the billion cells in our body, while the axons carries the signal away; axons are usually covered with a fatty substance called myelin sheath.
Dendrites are the branches of a bunch of threads that start from a single nerve cell. (Remember that billions of neurons that are bunched together are called a nerve) The covering protects the nerves from becoming overly stimulated, and sending messages too quickly to and from the brain. synaptic transmission of neurons

  Nerves don’t touch one another, so the message has to “jump” from nerve to nerve, and this is called synapse. A message which is an electric impulse, is sent from one end of a bundle of axons to the next, eventually getting the message to the part of the body where it is needed. This is happening billions of times a second, since this is needed to do what it needed, such as typing this article, watching the screen and breathing.
There is a lot of electrical wiring throughout our bodies, sending and receiving messages constantly. The Brain is very amazing and without it, we would not exist, because the brain tells the heart to bump and the lungs to inhale and exhale; it is  truly an amazing thing.
Just like the blood flow one way, your central nervous systems operates the same way; in moves forward, sending messages in one bundle of nerves out, and a different sent of nerves to send a message back. The human body is quite an impressive machine and should be appreciated for its worth.

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