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Monday, February 7, 2011

How to Turn Yourself Into a Super Brain With Super Brain Yoga

 Want to improve your intelligence or even turn your kids into super-humans and fed with scholarships after scholarships? Here's a simple answer to your prayer...
Super Brain Yoga is one of most effective techniques of improving brain power. It's so simple to do and yet its quick effectiveness has been nothing short of amazing.
This simple technique can be explained as follows:
While standing, hold our right ear with our left hand, with thumb touching front side and forefinger touching back side of the ear. 
Then place our right hand on our left ear in the same fashion. With our hands positioned correctly as such, then we're ready to do the exercise part where we will do squatting or normal sit-up exercise. When going down, we need to inhale deeply with stomach/abdomen and while getting up, we need to exhale slowly. The process of inhalation /exhalation should be covered within the time of going down and getting up.
Actually there are 2 versions of breathing:
1. Inhaling while squatting and exhaling as you stand.
2. Exhaling while squatting and inhaling as you stand.
There's a video you can watch to help you better understand this simple and yet powerful system.
In Yoga tradition, when the body bends forward we exhale(breathe out) and when the body stretches out we inhale(breathe in. Therefore, when we squat holding our ears with opposite hands, (our body bends forward)we exhale and upon standing back up, our body stretches,and therefore we inhale.
This exercise has been credited with scientific validation for its beneficial effect of attaining holistic whole brain (left and right brain) synchronization. This complete movement has to be performed slowly. Also make sure that the eyes remain straight during the process for maximum benefits.
Inhalation and exhalation can be done according to one's comfort level, without causing pain nor uneasiness. The main concern is to carry out the inhalation and exhalation properly, that's all there's to it. A count of 14 to 21 repetitions per day is more than enough and improvement can be seen in 3 to 4 weeks easily.
Some important precautions to be followed are:

1. Make sure to wear loose garments and be dressed comfortably while performing the exercise.
2. Women are not advised to do the exercise during periods, as it is believed that "contaminated energy" residing on lower body may go up. Pregnant women are advised to consult their physician before attempting to perform this exercise on a daily basis.
3. The best time to do this exercise is in early morning or later in the evening.
4. Better effect will be obtained when this is done on empty stomach.
5. Make sure the exercise is performed slowly for better results.
Believe me, such a simple exercise can not only enhance your intelligence and make you mentally fit, but also help you drop some extra pounds and be physically fit too, let alone eliminating the likelihood of contracting age-related diseases such as Parkinson's, etc. That's more than killing 2 birds with one stone, so to speak.
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