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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Relation between Society and School

It is known to all that the relation between school and society is very close and integral. We cannot think of a school without a society and on the other hand, a society without school is quite absurd. One without the other does not carry any sense. These are two sides of a same coin. Therefore, the school should arrange its programs in such a way that they strengthen the relationship between school and society. Now some measures that cultivate the relation between school and society are presented here.
We know that programs in school must be planned and should be based on the social tradition and principles. So curricular organization should be based on social needs and social experience of the learner. The school life divorced from direct life experience is futile and rather destructive. So a learner must be acquainted with such experience which is relevant to his or her social life. This acquaintance makes the learner able to solve the social problem and satisfy the social needs.
The school must play an active part to relate itself with the society. There are many educative forces in the society, e.g. places of historical interest, temple, church, mosque and remnants of human civilization. These forces may act as educator to the young people. In order to create a relationship between school and society, the school can organize educational excursion. Again, the relation between the two can be consolidated if school can assemble different agencies of education and organize cultural program where students, teachers, parents and the other members of the society will take part. Socialization and acculturation among all, particularly different sections of the society, will enrich learners' society.
Society is an ever changing entity. That which is indispensable today, may have no relevance in the society of tomorrow. All changes in social life are concomitant with the changes of human need. A school has to keep pace with the changing society and to do that the curriculum should be reviewed regularly keeping in mind the change in social demand and needs.
School directs the society, reforms the society and ensure the progress of the society by analyzing the principles and rules and selecting only those which have some good effects on society. If the school fails to do it, the society will become a stagnant organization.

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