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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tribute To Japan Tsunami Victims

Leave your home for school or work as usual
Skies are clear and everything seems ok
The day gets grim with gruesome nature
Its taken so many lives away

You call your loved ones lose your mind
Being calm is the last state of your mind
Where’s my child, parent or loved ones
I can’t reach them the phones are dead
The night sets in and its cold around

I feel lonely not wanting to be left behind
Losing all of you in my life
I do not wish to be alive

Sirens and news flash all around the city
There’s nothing much to do than sit and pray
Pray so hard that they’ll come home
That’s all that you can think!

Its easy to say I understand
What you’re going through right now
Everyone’s lost some one
And wishing they’ve escaped
We grieve with you dear loved ones
All those lives just washed away

Want to hold your hands and hug
Tell you “It’s not easy but it’s going to be ok

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