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Sunday, April 10, 2011

12 Tips For Development Of A Teacher

A good Headmaster helps with the teachers in their professional problems and arrange professional development program for teacher. He or she gives priority to the needs of teacher for effective teaching. Different ways through which a headmaster could help a teacher in their professional growth and development:
· Teachers need continuous training and awareness about new ways of teaching
· Identification and Development of the skills of a teacher
· Enhance the experience of teacher through teacher training workshops, teacher tours and visits to other schools
· Teachers involvement in day to day activities
· In-service training opportunities for the teachers
· Orientation of new teacher to school and community and helping him in class room environment
· New refresher courses for teacher to gain new experiences for utilizing their skills effectively
· conversion course for the teacher to help him to move on from old course to a new course
· Arrange skill Development program to use computer in classroom and give demonstration and presentation.
· Internal skill development program by arranging audio and video training equipments
· Keep the teacher up to date with global educational changes
· Provide video conference facility to teachers to see the teacher of developed countries in real class room environment

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